Benefits of natal charts in astrology

A Natal chart or birth chart is an astrological sheet of information showing the different positions of planets at the time of birth of a person. Time and place of birth are vital to preparing the chart. It gives deep insights into a person’s character, behavior, education, career, marriage, health, etc. Consulting an astrologer through the best astrology app will help you to know the benefits of a natal chart.

To understand the benefits of a natal chart, you need to know the contents. It consists of 12 houses or zodiacs represented by its element and ruling planets at the time of your birth.

Below are the characteristics of the houses in the natal chart.

First House

1st house represents the zodiac sign, Aries, with Mars as the ruling planet, and the element is fire. It is called the house of self, which tells about your personality and physical appearance. It influences your life path and knowledge of strengths and weaknesses. It depicts health issues concerned with all parts of the head.

Second House

2nd house represents the zodiac sign Taurus with Venus as the ruling planet, and the element is Earth. It is known to be the house of possession. It signifies income under material and nonmaterial things in life. A weak second house will limit your income sources. This house rules body organs like the tongue, teeth, eyes, and mouth.

Third House

The Zodiac sign Gemini represents this house with the ruling planet as Mercury and fire as an element. It signifies your mental intelligence, knowledge, and communication. If this house is weak, problems like imbalances in the nervous system, issues of the respiratory canal, shoulder pain, fracture in the collar bone, and impartial deafness will rise.

Fourth House

Zodiac sign Cancer is related to this house ruled by Moon and has a water element. It signifies your roots, land, real estate matters, vehicles, and relationship with your mother. Weak 4th house will have health issues in the stomach, breasts, and digestive organs.

Fifth House

It represents the zodiac sign Leo ruled by Sun and has fire as its element. It is the house of creativity, playfulness, joy, pleasure, and romance. The health issues of the heart, upper and middle back, stomach, pancreas, and spine is related to this house.

Sixth House 

Virgo is the zodiac sign of this house. Ruled by Mercury and Earth as its element. This house represents employment, health, wellness, daily routine, etc. It signifies debts, difficulties, enemies, and obstacles. The waist, lower abdomen, small intestine, large intestine, and appendix are ruled by this house.

Seventh House

Libra sign represents this house with Venus as its ruling planet and air as its element. It is a house of a partnership. It also deals with the darker side of your life. Married life is influenced by this house. The Kidneys, ovaries, and the lower half of the back are governed by this house.

Eighth House

This house represents Scorpio with Mars as its planet and water as its element. It influences the life span and represents sudden gains and losses in life. If the eighth house is weak, it can bring depression, chronic illness, miseries, lack of mental peace, imprisonment, etc.

Ninth House

This house represents the zodiac sign Sagittarius with Jupiter as the ruling planet, and the element is fire. Inclination towards good deeds, charity, religious instincts, justice, higher education, foreign travel, and settlement is related to this house. It is also called as house of luck. Thighs, thigh bones, bone marrow, left leg, and the arterial system is controlled by this house.

Tenth House

Capricorn represents this house with Saturn as the ruling planet and Earth as its element. It deals with the kind of work you do, the profession you are in, your prestige, your reputation, etc. A weak house will cause health-related problems in the knees, kneecaps, bones, and joints are ruled by this house.

Eleventh House

Aquarius represents this house ruled by Saturn and air as its element. It is the house of prosperity. A weak 11th house may have problems of low productivity of blood, pain in the legs, and fracture in the lower part of the body.

Twelveth House

This house represents the zodiac sign Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, and the element is water. It represents the ending of the life cycle and the beginning of your spiritual journey. A weak twelveth house may give detachment from people like separation from their partner, parents, friends, and neighbors.

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