How Does A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Work?

Today, more and more people seek treatment with no side effects. HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a special mention here. The therapy works well for traumatic injuries and other conditions. You can even cure stress and depression through this innovative treatment. However, a significant number of people don’t know – How does a hyperbaric oxygen chamber work? If you come into this category, you’d like to find out how the treatment works.

The components of hyperbaric oxygen

What are the main components of hyperbaric oxygen? Basically, there are two components to hyperbaric oxygen – increased oxygen concentration and increased ambient pressure. In essence, the amount of oxygen dissolved in blood is directly proportional to the concentration of oxygen at the surface of your blood and the ambient pressure that the entire system is under.

How does a hyperbaric oxygen chamber work?

In HBOT, an individual receives the treatment inside a tube-like chamber. Some of these tubes are made of clear acrylic. So, the patient can see outside of the tube. The chamber is crystal care to eliminate the potential anxiety the patient may have of getting trapped inside a tube.

During HBOT, a person is asked to lie down in the chamber. Then he has to breathe the air inside the tube while the pressure gradually increases. Here the amount of oxygen is increased at least three times within the chamber.

Another mode of HBOT treatment involves a multi-person hyperbaric oxygen room. Here, oxygen gets delivered through a lightweight clear hood placed over the patient’s head or through a mask. The patient can lie down or sit on a lounge chair. There’s no chamber or tube in this method.

Treatment sessions for both methods can last for up to about 2 hours. The number of treatment sessions prescribed depends on the problem that it’s being treated. For instance, 20 to 40 sessions may be recommended for a condition such as carbon monoxide poisoning. The time spent varies with other problems that are being addressed.

Increased oxygen

There’s no way to control how much amount of oxygen gets absorbed into the patient’s body. HBOT hypothetically turns up the volume of oxygen absorption. The therapy increases the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber 2 to 3 times than outside air pressure. That means the patient inhales 100 percent oxygen. As a result, the supply of oxygen within the patient’s body gets enhanced. It’s this increased oxygen that boosts immunity levels to cure the condition.

A hyperbaric chamber works by supplying oxygen that could be controlled. Oxygen gets transported throughout the body after it gets absorbed by the lungs. Then it circulates to all the organs and tissues via the heart and blood vessels. HBO allows oxygen to get dissolved in the body fluids, blood, cerebral spinal fluid, bone tissue, and lymph node. HBOT helps the body in numerous ways. It lets the immune cells of the human body kill bacteria. Plus, it helps to reduce inflammation and allows collateral circulation of blood to battle any disease with ease.

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