How Mental Health and Substance Abuse Interact

When people are addicted to drugs, there is usually an underlying cause for why they became addicted. After all, no one wants to be plagued by the issues and concerns that drugs create. Many, if not most, people have a mental health issue that they are unaware of.

If this is the scenario, both the mental condition and the substance misuse must be treated in order for the individual to see the path to recovery as a possibility. They are more inclined to believe there is hope for them if they have a greater understanding of their thoughts.

When a client comes to Inner Voyage Recovery Center for their rehab treatment, its medical team will undertake a exam focusing on the possibility of a dual diagnosis, allowing them to look at the patient’s current symptoms and any difficulties they have had in the past. Once they determine whether a mental health problem is at work, they can better tailor a treatment plan to assist the patient in healing.

What Is the Cause of a Dual Diagnosis?

A person’s familial background might contribute to both drug addiction and mental health concerns. Those who are inclined to both sorts of diseases are more likely to be diagnosed with both. Even if drug use is not prominent in their family, people suffering from mental illnesses frequently get dependent on drugs.

This is due to the fact that many of them begin to self-medicate. Many of these diseases result from trauma or can lead to feelings of hopelessness. Drugs and alcohol can dull these thoughts and sensations, enabling a person to escape reality temporarily. Those who are under a lot of stress or who have been through a terrible incident may also find themselves on this path.

However, the inverse is also conceivable, particularly for individuals who overuse alcohol. Because alcohol is a depressant, the more a person drinks, the more probable it is that they may develop symptoms such as loneliness, suicidal thoughts, and despair.

Typical Diagnoses Found in Patients

While the combinations of drug abuse and mental health illnesses vary, researchers have discovered several that have been found to be expected throughout screenings. As previously noted, alcoholism is frequently associated with depression. When it comes to substance usage, however, a large majority of individuals are also diagnosed with bipolar illness. Others may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, or borderline personality disorder.


When a person is coping with both a mental health and a drug addiction disease, they may struggle in other areas of their life. Dual diagnosis might result in exaggerated symptoms, causing individuals to ignore themselves and their loved ones.

As a result, individuals may experience more guilt and anxiety, negatively impacting their social circumstances. They may isolate themselves from their friends and family. Without a support structure, these people will become increasingly reliant on drugs to feel better. That is why loved ones should be on the lookout for these indications so that they can assist them in getting the care they require.

It Is Possible to Recover

Not everyone with a dual diagnosis is aware of it, but knowing about it might point them in the correct way. Because substance addiction is far more visible than mental health issues, obtaining a dual diagnosis evaluation is a valuable technique that Inner Voyage Recovery Center is happy to employ.

Once they have determined the correct diagnosis, they may provide their patients with a specific treatment plan. Individuals will be able to use a variety of treatments and medical aid that will help them realize their own self-worth and how there are healthier solutions for coping with their mental health troubles with three types of outpatient care available. Patients will be able to recognize that they are not alone in their journey, nor are they the only ones experiencing comparable symptoms, thanks to the availability of group treatment.

Mental health and substance addiction illnesses are chronic, yet that does not preclude treatment. Inner Voyage Recovery Center strives to make sure that its patients get the resources and encouragement they need to manage their symptoms. If you or a loved one is battling with an addiction, their staff will assist you in determining the underlying causes and putting you on the route to feeling healthy.