How to Optimize Your Healthcare Teams with Nextra

Healthcare is a 24-hour business. Whether it’s a team of medical professionals in the ER, or an overnight shift at the front desk, healthcare requires people to work around the clock to the best of their ability. But managing your teams’ workload and making sure you have the right people with the right skills available can be a challenge. That’s where Nextra comes in.

Nextra is an online platform that helps Healthcare workforce management software organizations plan their teams workload by leveraging relevant skill sets and availability. With Nextra, managers can easily assign tasks to staff members based on their availability and qualifications. This ensures that each task is completed by the most qualified person while also allowing staff members to take breaks when necessary.

Nextra also offers real-time reporting features that allow managers to track progress and make changes as needed. This feature allows managers to quickly identify areas where additional resources are needed or where work is being duplicated due to inefficient scheduling, leading to more efficient use of staff time and resources. Additionally, managers can easily update staff availability from anywhere using the mobile app, so they never miss out on important updates.

But one of the most powerful features of Nextra is its predictive analytics capabilities—it uses data collected from past shifts to predict future staffing needs based on historical patterns and trends. This allows managers to plan ahead for busy times like holidays or seasonal shifts by knowing exactly which skillsets will be needed and when they’ll be needed most, ensuring that staffing levels are optimized throughout the year.


In today’s healthcare environment, it’s essential for organizations to have tools at their disposal that enable them to optimize their workforce in order to deliver excellent care while staying within budget constraints. Nextra provides healthcare organizations with all the tools they need in order to do just that—planning teams workloads efficiently and accurately while leveraging relevant skill sets and availability information for maximum efficiency. Managers can rest assured knowing that with Nextra, their teams are always performing at peak efficiency and ready for any challenge!