Is it possible to calculate the sex of the baby before conception?

Probably the most popular question asked to a family planning a child, which one do you want: a boy or a girl? Of course, both are happily accepted by parents, but still, science has long been interested in the fact of whether it is possible to calculate the sex of the child before conception. The answer is unequivocal – no. Methods of calculation on the waxing moon, the stars, and other folk methods are not taken into account.

Is it possible to calculate the sex of the child before conception? The mystery of nature is that during natural fertilization we can never predict the sex of the child. We do not know which sperm will fertilize a mature egg, and there maybe 2 or 3 of them. In fact, when you can conceive, bear and give birth naturally, you shouldn’t care which one the universe gives you.

Test-tube babies – the possibility of predicting the sex of a baby

It is only possible to plan the sex of a child if conception occurs in an unnatural way. Extracorporeal methods of fertilization of the egg allow us to choose the sex of the child, but it is actually more of a medical problem.

This does not mean that parents can conceive the desired sex of the child, even if they resort to IVF methods. Such an option is only possible if inherited diseases are exclusively passed down through the female or male line. By planning the sex, it is possible to protect the child from many inherited diseases.

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Ancient Chinese chart or test of fate

In fact, despite the impossibility of calculating the sex of a child conceived naturally, many parents still try to find ways of planning on the Internet. The most popular is the ancient Chinese table, which is based on the principle of the age of the child and the month of conception. More than 700 years ago, it was believed that the sex of the child depended on the mother, today we know that all responsibility falls on men’s shoulders. But we can still try our luck.

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