Keep Track of Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals With Modern Testing 

Having fitness goals can be incredibly inspiring but it is equally challenging to keep track of your progress. This is primarily due to a lack of cutting-edge facilities and equipment that can test your bodily changes as a result of your fitness training. Keeping this in mind, modern physical tests are performed to help you track progress, gain insights into your body, and tailor your fitness regime.

DEXA Scan 

Dual-energy X-rays are used in DEXA scans to measure body composition and bone density. It provides a detailed view of your body’s muscle mass and fat, so you can tailor your fitness training regimens for optimal outcomes. The imaging test also helps you identify early indications of osteoporosis by offering insightful information about the strength and mineral content of your bones.  

VO2 Max Test 

VO2 Max is the gold standard in testing your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness levels. It measures how your body utilises oxygen efficiently, helping test your heart health & fitness improvements over time. VO2 Max test not only allows you to tailor your physical training regime but also helps boost your endurance and prowess. 

FatMax Test 

The FatMax test helps measure the maximum amount of body fat you can burn per hour. This data enables you to optimise the intensity of your physical exercise to maximise fat loss and reach your weight loss goals efficiently. 

3D Body Scan 

Not sure where you stand in your fitness regime? Wondering how much you have progressed? A 3D Body Scan captures your body measurements precisely and creates a 3D model to help you keep an eye on your progress. Tracking your improvements via a lifelike model can motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test 

RMR is a metabolism test that examines both your cardio respiratory fitness and your body’s caloric needs while at rest. Knowing your metabolism better can help you create an effective weight management plan. You can also identify metabolic disorders and go as per medical recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. 


The modern scientific tests are tailored to your weight loss & fitness goals – helping you stay healthy and improve your overall wellbeing.