More Facts About Delta-8 THC

The Natural Medicines Database rates Delta-8 THC as a poor medical treatment because it is better known to cause dysphoria and anxiety than relieve them. And while it may be an excellent way to treat insomnia, the side effects of sleep disturbance and possible death make this drug impractical for most people. Go to and learn more.

Buying Delta-8 THC online is illegal (under Federal law) and highly dangerous. Delta-8 THC is also known as ASI-18, Kronic, and is a synthetic cannabinoid that is similar in effects to other cannabinoids (such as Marijuana and hashish). Delta-8 THC and Marijuana are known to have similar effects on the brain. Marijuana users can experience dizziness, fever, heart palpitations, and anxiety. Delta-8 THC users can experience the same side effects of sleep disturbance and possible death.

Delta-8 THC is a more potent derivative of cannabis than the one that most people know and use. Delta-8 THC and Marijuana both have an active ingredient called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol; this chemical is responsible for a lot of Marijuana’s effects, including euphoria and relaxation, loss of inhibition, disinhibition (disorder or change in thinking or behavior), impaired judgment or memory, altered sense of time, and hallucinations. Delta-8 THC is also known to have sedative effects, similar to other cannabinoids.

No clinical trials support the use of Delta-8 THC as a medical treatment. Delta-8 THC is relatively new, and there are no clinical trials or proven health effects. Unlike Marijuana and hashish, at least ten people have died from using Delta-8 THC in the last 6 years. A few users have experienced seizures, heart attacks, and even strokes after taking this drug, so addiction or overdose are genuine. So far, the state that has had the most deaths related to this substance is Minnesota, with four total deaths linked to Delta-8 THC use.

Presently there is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that Delta-8 THC can treat cancer, migraines, or other diseases or conditions. Delta-8 THC is also not supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, or the National Institutes of Health.

Delta-8 THC can be contaminated with other substances that are also dangerous, such as rat poison, ketamine, or synthetic cannabinoids. Avoid online purchases until legitimate research is done on Delta-8 THC.


Despite common perception, Delta-8 THC is not a natural or safe alternative to Marijuana. Delta-8 THC may be more harmful than Marijuana and has been linked to serious side effects.

For this reason, buying Delta-8 THC online is entirely illegal (under Federal law) and highly dangerous. If you are looking for a drug that can help you relax or unwind without the risks of addiction or overdose, then Marijuana may be your best choice. Also, if you are in the market for prescription medication online, please be aware of all the legal restrictions about buying prescription drugs online.