Most effective acne scar removal treatments that really work  

Dealing with acne is one of the biggest problems that almost every woman (even a man) has to deal with. What hurts more than acne is acne scars. 

Although certain serums that contain salicylic acid might give you a break from acne, it’s not easy to get rid of those intense marks and spots that can easily scar your confidence. 

So, is there no absolute way to get back the flawless skin you once had? Well, that’s not true. 

With the right dermatological treatments, you can get back the lost sheen and flawless skin you once had.

This article sheds light on two absolute ways to free yourself from the grip of blemishes. Dive in to explore the alleys of innocent skin you lost to acne. 

  1. RF microneedling

Now, if we’ll say that this procedure is entirely painless, then we’d be lying. However, the discomfort isn’t something that should scare the wits out of you. 

This particular acne scar treatment is carried out by specialist dermatologists at clinics like Clinicare

Many microneedles (properly sterilized and safe) will be gently inserted inside the skin. Following this, the deepest layers of your skin will be heated with the help of radiofrequency waves.

The dual benefits are as follows:

  • Micro wounds get collagen actively working. Skin starts producing young healthy cells that eventually eliminate the scarred ones.
  • Heat increases the supply of blood and oxygen. Oxygen is the skin’s food. 

Both the benefits combined, you’ll get back a blemish-free skin. 

  1. Chemical Peeling

Exfoliation is the secret behind the success of chemical peels other than the fact that they kill acne-causing bacteria too.

Your doctor will be able to judge – based on your complexion and skin type – which kind of peel will be best suited for you. 

In general, the deep peel isn’t recommended for dark skin that’s prone to excessive scarring. A medium or superficial peel is more effective in such cases. 

Once your doctor decides the type of peel, you still have to set your expectations. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Peeling requires sessions, so does microneedling.

Your skin will eventually even out. Also, always follow general instructions like, not stepping outside in the Sun after the peeling session, wearing a high SPF sunscreen, etc. 


If your skin has been left with acne scars, the condition can be easily managed if you take the help of experts at clinics like Clinicare. Don’t ever blindly apply cosmetics that might harm your skin more!