Reasons Why the Portable 12-Lead Ecg Self-Diagnosis Machine Is the Best in the Telemedicine Care Market

Medical technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. You might have seen pregnancy and diabetes test kits, but now we have advanced cardiovascular self-diagnosis kits. Stick around to know why SmartHeart’s portable 12-lead ECG machine is the best and why you need it.

Early Detection of Cardiovascular Problems

A portable 12-lead ECG machine can help detect cardiovascular problems well in advance. This enables one to seek early treatment, preventing further escalation of the problem. Self-diagnosis for early detection of cardiovascular problems is a great tool for mortality reduction.

A portable 12-lead ECG  from Smartheart allows you to diagnose your heart health right from your living room. The device then generates quick reads and sends them to a board-certified cardiologist for interpretation. Better still, you get a diagnosis in about half an hour, enabling you to go on with your day with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Increased Accuracy in Diagnosis

One of the leading causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality is a misdiagnosis due to faulty equipment. There are several tools for detecting the heart’s electrical pulses, some more accurate than others. Fortunately, a 12-lead ECG machine is the newest in the market and also the most accurate, detecting heart rhythm irregularities with a 98% accuracy.

Smart heart 12 lead portable electrocardiogram picks pulses from 12 body points simultaneously. The numeral 12 represents six leads in the chest area and six more for the limbs. These points include:

  • Chest
  • The inner parts of both arms
  • Left waist area
  • Other areas along the device’s belt that connect to the built-in electrodes

Affordable and Convenient

One of the major setbacks to early diagnoses of heart problems is the inaccessibility of electrocardiogram machines. The traditional ECG machines are bulky and complex to use. They are immobile and costly due to enormous electricity consumption and the need for trained medical personnel.

We have introduced portable 12-lead ECG machines that will help our clients as a home diagnostic kit. It is small enough to carry in your handbag, only requires 2 AA batteries to conduct 100 ECGs, and uses cloud technology to store your data. Smartheart’s self-diagnosis kit packs cutting-edge technologies, making it cheaper and more accessible than traditional ECG machines.

Perfect for Remote Areas

Smartheart’s 12-lead ECG machine comes as an answer to remote populations that find access to advanced cardiovascular care services almost impossible. Most traditional ECG machines are found in urban areas, leaving hard-to-access populations vulnerable. Thankfully, the self-diagnosis kit doesn’t require wires or other heavy accessories to operate.

The device only requires two AA batteries and some mobile network coverage to operate. It uses a dedicated app to record and accumulate data, which you can install from the Play Store and Apple Store into your phone. As a paramedic, this device comes in handy in difficult rescue operations where urgent electrocardiogram tests are needed.


There have been several inventions in telemedicine, but Smartheart’s portable 12-lead ECG machines rule the industry. It is accurate, portable, easy to use, and convenient even for rural populations. Get one today from Smartheart for improved cardiovascular health.