Root canal therapy in North Ogden: What to expect?

If you have a deep cavity or an infection inside of a tooth, your dentist will most likely tell you to go for root canal therapy. Dentists often have to consider RCT as a way to save the natural tooth. The procedure removes the pulp, decay, nerves, and bacteria from inside the tooth, preventing the risk of further infections. If you are visiting a Dentist in North Ogden, UT, for root canal therapy, here’s what to expect.

Signs you need root canal therapy

If there is evident decay that your doctor has discovered during a regular exam, they will usually check the X-rays to find if the infection has infected the pulp. Patients may also have symptoms like sensitivity to cold and hot beverages, severe toothache, and an abscess in the gums. You may also find that the gums surrounding the infected tooth are swollen or tender.

What is the procedure like, and will it hurt?

You will need at least two more appointments to complete root canal therapy, although some clinics do one-day RCT procedures too. In your first session, the dentist will take x-rays of your tooth to find the root canals. They will then use local anesthesia to numb the area and place a rubber dam to keep the tooth dry. Using special tools, the dentist will then create an access opening on the top, which will allow them to access the pulp and root canals. The dentist will use dental files to remove everything inside the tooth. Depending on the extent of the infection, the whole process can be divided into two or three appointments. Once the tooth is cleaned, it will be sealed using a permanent filling. Between your appointments, you will get a temporary filling.

Getting a crown

You will also need a dental crown that will encase the treated tooth to add functionality and strength. Because the tooth is now hollow and weak, it is prone to breakage, and with a crown, you can expect to eat and chew normally. You may need two more appointments with your dentist to get the crown, also known as the cap, which is custom-made in a lab.

Final word

The root canal procedure will not hurt, and you can go back home immediately after each appointment. Your dentist may ask you to take antibiotics before the procedure. Make sure that you discuss the costs and other aspects in advance.