The Process of Completing Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs

One of the most freeing experiences in a person’s life may be being sober. Getting clean will lead to a better and healthier mindset as well as a brighter future after years of fighting drug addiction. After finishing an inpatient rehabilitation program, you shouldn’t stop.

Former addicts may get therapy outside of a hospital setting thanks to outpatient treatment programs, enabling them to return to their normal lives. For those who are still struggling but do not need inpatient treatment, Inner Voyage Recovery Center also provides an outpatient program (OP) in Atlanta, GA. Before you start, there are many things you should understand about this kind of therapy since, even if it could seem perfect for some people, others may need more rigorous treatment first.

Why Is It Advantageous?

For many individuals, one of the hardest things about therapy is that it doesn’t seem like “normal life.” They are not allowed to enter the workplace or leave the property anytime they like, as they would in a typical situation. People could be confused as a consequence when they return to reality. If they get OP care, this shift may be easier for them, and they will have someone to turn to if they need help, preventing them from reverting to their old patterns.

Attending daily or weekly sessions prevents the individual from spending the whole day sitting still. When you visit Inner Voyage Recovery Center, you can get a variety of treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, or trauma therapy. Additionally, you will have the chance to get any additional services or medical assistance that may be necessary for your recovery.

Why Isn’t It Available to Everyone?

Even though it has many advantages, some individuals may find OP therapy to be difficult. This is due to the lack of adequate patient monitoring throughout the day. As a consequence, some individuals could start abusing alcohol or drugs again. Additionally, receiving inpatient care may provide access to treatment for any mental health problems a person may be dealing with that they would not have had if they were living at home.

Only if a person keeps all of their visits and adheres to the advice they get is outpatient treatment guaranteed to keep them sober and on track. They should discuss other options with their care team if they have any concerns about their ability to manage this.

Further Programs

OP therapy is the “alumni” stage in the recovery process for many addicts. People with serious problems should often start with a different kind of rehab treatment. The many outpatient programs that Inner Voyage Recovery Center provides may provide patients with additional monitoring.

  • Those receiving partial hospitalization programming (PHP) therapy must attend more sessions than those receiving other types of treatment. Patients get the most from combining residential and inpatient treatment. For those who have just left a residential setting or who want to use anything other than a residential institution, this is often the most amazing solution.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) offer patients greater structure than OP treatment despite the fact that there are fewer appointments and expert assessments. IOP is available to patients who have had residential therapy, such as PHP. Because they have more free time, these individuals stand out.
  • The young adult recovery program at Inner Voyage Recovery Center helps patients between the ages of 18 and 25 stay clean while also addressing the different issues that are unique to that group.

The Inner Voyage Recovery Center is aware that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving well-being. They understand that although everyone wants to resume their regular lives, this must be supported and nourished. The client’s treatment team will demonstrate to them that they have more to contribute than their addiction and have a chance to recover, regardless of the kind of outpatient therapy that is necessary.

Have you seen a therapist but need assistance remaining on track? The team at Inner Voyage Recovery Center is ready to help. When you get in touch with them, they’ll help you decide which of their solutions will fit your situation the best.