Tips to Get Hired in the CBD Cannabis Industry

If you’re interested in working in the CBD cannabis industry, you need to be aware of the different job opportunities available in this growing industry. You’ll need to know what is expected of you, what you can expect from the position, and what you can expect to get paid. Here are some tips to get hired in the CBD industry.

Job opportunities

Cannabis companies face many challenges when it comes to staffing. Finding and retaining great employees is essential to their success. Workers often switch to another industry or switch roles, so employers must carefully manage pay, benefits, and workplace culture. The Marijuana light industry offers many job opportunities selling high quality products for skilled individuals who have strong communications and people skills. This article will highlight some of the different positions that are available in this industry and how to land one.

A good place to start looking is at conferences and trade shows where the cannabis industry is headquartered. There, you can meet companies and representatives who can tell you about their company culture and hiring practices. You can also inquire about job opportunities.


Salary for getting hired in the CBD cannabis sector varies depending on the job position. Most jobs are service, retail, or sales positions, though there are some higher level technical roles available. Those interested in getting a job in this industry will have the best luck finding employment in larger cannabis-friendly cities. Among these, San Francisco and Los Angeles are the most popular destinations with the highest number of available positions. Denver is also a popular place to get hired, with around seven percent of available positions.

Many employees in the cannabis industry begin by becoming front-end employees, which involves greeting customers and answering phone calls. Front-end employees are often promoted to higher positions once they are considered a good fit. Other opportunities include medical marijuana delivery, which involves driving and delivering marijuana products. Medical marijuana delivery jobs can be physically demanding and pay well, with the opportunity for tips.

Purchasing Manager position

The Purchasing Manager is a key role in a cannabis dispensary, overseeing the selection and purchase of goods. They research new vendors, track inventory and keep team members updated on any inventory issues. This position also requires strong verbal and written communication skills. Purchasing Managers work in teams within the company and coordinate efforts across different departments. They must be detail-oriented, have good written and verbal communication skills, and be aware of deadlines. In addition, they must be skilled in the use of inventory management software and tools.

The Purchasing Manager also develops and maintains relationships with vendors. They also coordinate with internal teams on supply needs, manage inventory flows, and analyze trends. In addition, they also collaborate with accounting and shipping departments to coordinate weekly orders and assist in production scheduling.

Product tester position

A product tester position is one of the most rewarding jobs in the cannabis industry. Though the pay is not always grand, the free products you’ll receive more than make up for the low pay. If you’re interested in the cannabis industry but don’t know where to start, a product tester position may be the right job for you.

Cannabis products must be tested to ensure their potency and quality. Cannabis product testers get paid to try new products and write about their experiences. In order to get a product tester position, individuals must be at least 21 years of age and have experience in writing. Cannabis-related magazines, websites, and other companies also offer tester positions.