5 ways to know if you’re a conscious parent

Before being a conscious parent, you need to know what it means. Mindful parenting is about raising children to develop their full potential. It’s about fostering their interests, supporting them through challenging moments, and helping them create meaningful connections with the world around them.

1. You trust that your child will become a great adult

When it comes to your child’s personal development and emotional growth, you’re not limiting how far they can go. You’ll embrace an attitude of limitless possibility. Conscious parenting exudes confidence in your child. You anticipate their maturity because you believe they possess the tools to achieve it. You prepare them for the increasing challenges they’ll face while being confident that they can overcome them.

2. You encourage your child’s interests.

Building on number one, you encourage and support your child in their pursuits. You trust that they’ll continue to explore their passions and continually expand the horizons of their intelligence because you know that’s what they do.

3. You nurture the development of your child’s full potential.

By nurturing your child’s imagination and fostering their feelings, you care for them as a complete human beings. You can see their heart and mind, not just as an entity limited by the flesh, but as a mind and spirit capable of complex thought.

4.Listen With Love.

As you listen to your child, you’re listening with love. You believe in them because you know they can overcome their challenges. You have faith in their potential and trust that they’ll find their way. You’ll show them, love by being there for them when they need it most. You’re present when your child speaks, but you’re listening well beyond words. You see the world through their eyes and hear their heart through their tone of voice. You sense when they’re overwhelmed or confused and can lend an ear rather than an opinion.

5. You let your kid be who they will be.

Ultimately, children are individuals who need to explore that individuality to find themselves as adults. One of the greatest gifts you can give them is the freedom to be who they are without any limitations on that journey.


Your power as a conscious parent comes from your relationship with your children. You’ll stay connected to them throughout their lives and always support them in who they want to become as adults. You’ll share the journey with them and never presume to push them into a path that’s not their own.