Types of Drug Screening Tests You Need to Know

Most drugs and treatment centres have various methods of testing drug use and addiction. There are several methods that a health facility can use to do drug screen tests.

To begin with, drug test an examination done to determine existence of illegal drugs in your body system. And the reason why this is done is because it help to establish the extend at which one is intoxicated and how their detox program will be.

In this article, we will share these tests for you to have a variety of information for easier decision making.

Urine test

In alcohol and drug testing centres urine sample is used to check presence of drugs. Analysis of urine.

One main advantage of urine test is that the reliability is higher in comparison to other samples. In most cases the results are given within few days.

When medical practitioners are examining urine, they check for substances such as cocaine, marijuana, PCP, methadone etc.

Blood test

Blood testing is another method to detect presence of drugs in a body. This is one of the most accurate drug detection method. Blood samples are taken to the lab for analysis and results are given with 2 days. In some facilities this can take the same day.

Oral Fluid test

This method is also known as saliva testing. One advantage of this test is convenient and quick results. Saliva is analysed either through lab test of express fluid test.

This method is more effective and faster as the results are within minutes. As part of the requirements you do not need to chew or use a mouth wash before oral fluid test.

Hair test

Hair test is the fourth method of drug testing in a drug treatment centre. Hair samples are taken from the head; legs or armpits are taken to the lab.The results take a week or so to get them.

The best preparation for hair test is to avoid taking drugs, avoid using dubious means to pass the tests by bringing fake hair and avoid hair treatments that may affect composition of the hair.

Alcohol tests

This is a common method in work spaces and drivers on the road. A breath analyser is used to take your breath and rate the level of intoxication in your body. The intoxication is usually measured in numbers by the authorities.

Blood Alcohol Concentration can be measured in your body easily within 24 hours because alcohol goes to your digestive system.

There are some tips that you can use to keep your alcohol blood content low. They are;

  1. Selecting drinks will low alcohol contents
  2. Try and avoid binge drinking which is a habit or drinking too much within a short time
  3. Avoid mixing too much different alcohol products and consider having one
  4. Take alcohol slowly but sipping gradually
  5. Eat well before taking any alcoholic drinks
  6. Exercise more
  7. Drink plenty of water

Bottom line

Your need will determine the kind of test you will take. Further a professional drug treatment centre will advise you on the best tests to take, prepare you before during and after the tests.